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Monday, January 10, 2011

See ya later buddy.

Well dropping of Tandy was not the worst part of it and i even maintained to be tearless for that part. Its being home now, looking around and having no friend following me! When that passes i will be so excited to hear how he is progressing and in a few months i can meet him again and his forever family, oh how proud i will be!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Farwell my puppy :(

Well it looks as though this will be the end of project puppy raising blog, our year of puppy raising is up and Tandy goes back in two days. All in all the project has accomplished all our goals and much more. The children are no longer afraid of dogs, we all understand animal behaviour better and well we fell in love with a hairy gentle beast named Tandy.

The year has been fun and exciting and at times challenging but i would not change or give it up for a second. We learned the ways of dog behaviour, met a lot of awesome people while out with him and through NSD and had the companionship and love of Tandy through it all. While a year is not long and we have lived all of our lives without the company of a dog it will be a strange and sad adjustment living without a silent and beautiful companion whose only basic requirements from us have been food, love and walks. Which in return have been totally easy to give. So I write this with tears streaming down my face knowing that Tandy will soon be with his forever family who will love and need him far more than we ever will and know that in my heart we as a family have done a great and selfless thing for someone else. ♥ Farewell my puppy!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

So its a new year and Tandy was supposed to go back to the kennel tomorrow, but it has been delayed a few weeks. So now we have him for a couple more weeks til there is room for him. Nice that we have a few more days with him, but now we don't really know when the day will be. We had a nice new years party and Tandy was well loved by everyone here. Last year we had a party and had only had Tandy for three days! How far we have come!