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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tandy enjoying a nice shower, after a rainy day in the mud outside!

We were looking for some new experiences for Tandy last week. So we took him to a restaurant and bowling! It was my son's 9th birthday and so those are the things he wanted to do, and Tandy is part of the family now so he came along. I was not sure about the restaurant, but he was fine, lay on the floor mostly beside us while we ate. He was excited at first at the bowling alley but then realized after a couple minutes its just another place to lay down! He slept there actually amongst the noise of balls and pins being knocked over.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peanut butter anyone?

Tandy loves peanut butter, he smells it across the house and sits so attentively as we prepare food with it, thought this was a great picture to share!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The "visit"

We learned a new command at puppy class last night! Finally! I wondered if we were going to learn anything else, Tandy has pretty well mastered the sit, stay, come, heel commands. The visit is when he lays his chin on my leg while sitting. When he gets it totally i will be able to tell him to "visit" people and he will go an lay his chin on their laps! So cute to watch, i love teaching him new things because he learns so quickly and it is so satisfying to watch him learn! At first he was trying all the commands he knows trying to please me, so funny to watch him, sit and focus, lay down, sit, move to my left! Haha, when all i wanted was for him to put his chin on me! He sure did pick it up quickly, with more practice he will be a genius at it!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Rainy Mall Dog day!

Today was a yucky rainy day, so we took Tandy to the mall for some training and to walk him indoors! So handy! Ha, handy Tandy!

He relaxed while the kids ate ice cream and got some love from a major dog lover who let him lick her face all over! Barf!! I never do that, ever. He amazes me at how long he can "stay" and not run away or anything, he sure is patient!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NSD Fundraiser!

Today we took Tandy to a fundraiser that someone who used to puppy raise put on. We went to represent NSD with Tandy, and today there were two other little 10 week pups there!!! So sweet! Tandy played with his half siblings! And we got some tiny puppy cuddling in! It was a beautiful day for a picnic!! Seen here are Violet and Veronica!! Same Daddy as Tandy!

Monday, May 3, 2010


We just watched this video about service dogs. Thought we would share it on here, it made us so excited for Tandy and all the dogs out there that are or will be helping people. It makes me weepy to think that Tandy will leave us and oh so happy that he will do amazing things. It is not easy to raise a puppy, and it will not be easy to give him back. But it is for the better good and i am so proud to teach my kids about this selfless act. Tonight i will hug Tandy more and feel proud for him.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

We have had Tandy for four months now, the training is going well, just trying to get him out more often in the community. I went a away for three days and was told that "Tandy missed me" by the family! He was very excited when i got home, and seemed to need some nice long walks with his pack leader!!

This week Tandy has visited the library, the hardware store, the mall, the grocery store, a local craft sale, our weekly sports program! He is getting easier to take out, always ready to focus when wearing his coat. One reason we wanted to do this project was to meet our community more, and going out with Tandy has really allowed that to happen, we can't go in any public space without chatting and talking to nice animal loving people. I have noticed that people generally love dogs, they are very open to service dogs and so excited to pet Tandy or talk about how great he his! I as well have turned into one of those "dog people" always talking about my dog and his habits and health!! Its like having a baby again!