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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some radomness from Tandy's life here with us. His time to go to the kennel is quickly approaching and i am reminicing all the times and things we have done here with him. 1 year ago this time we were gearing up for a new puppy to come occupy our home and getting so excited for it. How can a year go so fast? How can a puppy grow so much in that time? Its amazing what he has accomplished in the last 11 months here, and i can't even imagine the life ahead of him, this is only the beginning of his life. Wow they are going to be a lucky bunch of people, the family who receives Tandy. I hope there is a way to keep in touch when he goes to live with his forever family. What a happy and sad thing this all is. Oh my little Tandy!

(pic #1 the kids love to let him lick their feet over and over! pic #2 Tandy just hanging out amungst the mess of our lives pic #3 "the visit")