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Thursday, April 22, 2010

eden blowing bubbles for tandy, she likes to watch him chomp at them!

Tandy sitting pretty in the yard, we are working on giving him boundries out there, so that he does not ruin our gardens and eat things he should not. It will take time!

Tandy sleeping in his crate, we moved it from the kitchen to the living room now that he is older he uses it more now that he can see all of the main floor from it!!

Tandy having a play date with a new friend! Odie, my friend just got him from the humane society, he is sweet and even looks like one of Tandy's relatives, but he is short and curly, Tandy wanted to play so bad and tried to provoke him so much, it was great to watch, Odie was way to sophisticated for Tandy's shenanigans!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Around town tonight!

Took Tandy for a nice walk to uptown, to the "mall". Lots of places there to explore and practice training commands with him. The walk outside was extremely windy and he was a bit jittery, never really seen him act like that before, but i could not stop laughing. There was a running group at one point behind us and he turned around to look at what he heard and then started to bolt thinking he was being chased!! In the drugstore they were going nuts over him and even had dog treats for him behind the counter! Lucky day for service dog! He did some stays, come and heel and mastered them quite well. We saw people we know and talked to some we don't. On the way home i treated myself to gelato and tied him to my waste while i walked home eating it and Tandy stayed by my side! We went in drugstore, grocery store, clothing store, gelato place, and of course the mall halls (or whatever they are called!) Now he is tired and sleeping by my feet like a good puppy does!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Reminiscing already!

We had our biweekly puppy class again today, its weird only going every other week. But today we stopped at NSD for food pick up and so that Tawny and Tandy could run around the dog park together, i love when animals get to be let loose! Ha! They had a blast then on the way out one of the new V litter puppies (valentine to be precise!) came outside and we got to hug and kiss her like crazy! Oh my god, we forgot how cute and tiny they start out, they are so irresistible at that stage!! Eden was going nuts on her. Then at class there was a bunch of them in training already!! Haha, they were so adorable doing their sits come commands....its so amazing how quick they learn and how smart they really are.

Tandy did great tonight, or so i thought anyway! He made me proud and made me think at how far i have come and how neat this whole project has been so far, i am so glad we are doing this, the kids are having a blast and i am too!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yesterday we took Tandy on the bus! It was a bit difficult at first to try to find a spot for him that was not in the centre isle. He did quite well for his first time, of course that seems to be the going thing with him, doing quite well. Never thought i would take two kids and a dog on a bus ever, it was an adventure. We were heading to friends house for a homeschooling afternoon. hHere Tandy met a couple of cats and wore his coat as if working the whole time, it made it a bit easier for me to leave him in his coat so that he knew why he had to stay on a leash, he whined at me a bit for telling him to "leave it" at the cats! Haha, he wanted to play with them but our trainer said he should pay no mind to them, which is what he eventually did and fell asleep like a good puppy.

We have been having more digestive issues with Tandy and he is now on another dose of something to help him, it is working. Lets hope this is the end of it. He has lost all of his baby teeth and now has bunch of gleaming white teeth. We are working on making him stay in one spot when people come to the door. Today the kids were putting on costumes and knocking at the door so that he would learn to stay put and be calm. I am really hoping this works and that he will settle down when people arrive! I know he can't help it, he LOVES people and never jumps up or barks at them, just runs around in circles around their legs excitedly.

(oh and regarding the picture above, my 6 year old cannot get enough of dressing up the dog and reading to him!)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Some pics of Tandy enjoying the summer weather!