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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthday dog!

Tomorrow is Tandy's 1st birthday! Wow, how he has grown! While he has no clue the kids are very excited for him, to give him special treats! He has been doing great here, we have been back into the swing of things, bringing him to our sports program on Tuesdays and going to the dog park a lot.

Also i got the call/email a few days ago stating when Tandy is due back for his advanced training! January 3rd is the big day, so soon! It is great timing too as we have some life changing things coming up that would make it more difficult to train him. So a couple more months and our project is officially over, how can time go so fast? I have confidence in him and can' t wait to see what he amounts to. In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST PUPPY EVER!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010


I have been searching lately for some new and different outings with Tandy. I am getting bored of malls and stores and libraries! So this weekend we took him to the pumpkin patch, our annual thanksgiving outing to pick out pumpkins and walk through the corn maze! I have never taken him out as a working dog in his coat on grass, i was curious as he is not to "eliminate" while wearing it but whenever i walk him and there is grass he is used to do doing so. Anyway, he was fine, i think he knows now when he has his coat on what is expected of him.

His birthday is coming up, he will be officially 1 year old on the 29th of this month, the kids want to give him a big peanut butter ball with dog food in it and sing to him, maybe buy him a new toy!