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Monday, June 21, 2010

Loads of Love!

Tandy so tired after playing with his sister, he had to lay down to drink, i love when they do that, so cute!

The kids were playing vet and groomer with Tandy, he sure has a good life being spoiled and treated well, my daughter even used her own tooth brush to brush his teeth!

Tandy and Tawny (brother and sister) having some sibling play time, they were so dirty i had to leave them outside! Tandy was tired into the next day!

Tandy and Tawny relaxing on the deck after playing hard in the sunshine. Tandy is on the left and Tawny on right, he is a bit bigger than her.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We had puppy class in the mall tonight, there is a bit of a showcase going on there in the arena at the mall. NSD was hosting a Dog and pony show for special kids, trying to raise awareness of autism and of course NSD. It was busy, lots going on, tons of NSD dogs of all levels, and our class was led through a mic so that the mall could hear and see! Of course Tandy did great and was applauded later by an observer saying that he was "one of the better trained dogs". The thing is, they all are trained well, some dogs have off days just like we humans do. But i thought Tandy was amazing too!

Now he is laying on the floor passed out after a busy day of outings. This morning the kids and i walked uptown again with him, stopping in the bank, the gelato store, the dress store, the book store, the library, the park with the "zoo" and then home for a bit and out to class! Busy day, but nothing Tandy can't handle, he lives for it and makes me proud every second! ♥

Friday, June 4, 2010

Todays lesson is...

Tandy got neutered yesterday, big day for him! We had the whole day without him and got a glimpse of what things will be like when we finally have to give him back. The kids and i talked a lot about loss and the feelings that come with it and all the weirdness of it, like how you walk in the door and expect that loved one to be there then suddenly they are not. Yesterday, even though he was only at the vet for a day they were able to understand that a bit, and in 7 months or so we will feel that for real. But we have each other and we are embracing this into our lives. I have always felt that loss is something that humans avoid at all costs and don't embrace or discuss. Its very important to me to be able to show this to my kids and show them that it can be done and handled, and even though we will all shed tears of love and times of good we will remember and know we are doing a good thing, for someone else, and those are great lessons in life.

On a funny note, our street is under construction and so we have these constant construction workers outside, well today while walking Tandy i hear "Hi Tandy" in the cutest voice, one of the women was calling him and waving! Haha, must be fellow dog lover. I thought it was funny and cute at the same time.

We also found out that Tandy is a bit anemic and he is now on iron supplements, i guess with the digestive issues he has been having he has been unable to absorb the nutrients. It explains a lot about how he sleeps and/or lays around a lot! Maybe after a few weeks on these he will perk up a bit and i will see what life of a puppy is really like! Or that is just his personality and all will be the same! Who knows!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot days!

There has been a heat wave around here the last few days, Tandy has been choosing to lay around and do nothing, i go out to garden and let him out with me but he goes right back in after a couple minutes! Today we went for a nice walk to the library, we hung out there for a while, Tandy fell asleep at the library in the middle of the place, everyone had to go around him. I offered to move him but they did not want me to. We met lots of people and babies today, all who loved Tandy. It was nice to just hang out in air conditioning and meet new people. I think he enjoyed the air conditioning!! He didn't even flinch as he lay there and babies run around and by him, even stopping to touch him! I like being able to bring him out with us, its a fun adventure every time.

We are taking Tandy to the vet on Thursday to be neutered. I have never done this, i guess we drop him off and pick him up later. I am worried for him! I know he will be fine, all dogs get it done. Any of you dog owners have tips for me for when i bring him home?