Saturday, July 17, 2010

Puppy break

Still hot around here, summer has hit full force. We went camping last week and left Tandy with a puppy sitter, there is no way we could fit him and all our gear and kids in the car! He did well, although he had a bout of vomiting while there, must have ate something bad. I am feeling better about things, maybe all i needed was a little break from him.

We brought him to the pool yesterday, the kids swam and he wore his coat on the side in the shade with me. He seemed hot and i thought it would be funny if he dove in and swam around!

He is shedding like crazy, i vacuum one day and the next hair is everywhere, maybe i should brush him more? is this why people brush dogs? it must be nice to be brushed and have some hair removed..i try to think like a dog sometimes and think what he would like...but i am human in the end..haha


  1. You can brush till you turn blue in the face... you're still gonna feel like a slave to dog hair. We had that problem with our Shepherd, and it didn't matter how often we brushed him. At one point, my fiance got the clippers out and threatened to shave him!

    Lucy's Human

  2. Its hot here too! Don't you just hate the heat? Paige loves my winter coat once better. Don't worry, the shedding will stop soon.

    Licks of Love,