Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweaty days..

We are having a severe heatwave here, while its nice it at times, it makes dealing with a puppy difficult. He has been lying by the fan pretty much for the last few days, we go for walks in the evenings when dark. I am feeling like i am not training him as much as i should be, but i am so hot that i don't want to touch him, he is a heat box himself with all that fur. I guess raising a puppy has its ups and downs, and i am in a bit of a low right now, hoping that i am doing this right, training him well and giving him enough time.


  1. Hang in there! I'm not a big fan of hot weather either. I feel like I haven't gotten to do much training with Don- the other day I took him for a walk and it was so hot he decided he'd rather take a nap on the sidewalk :)

  2. Enjoy it (even though its hard to do LOL)! The more you enjoy it, the faster it will go bye. Just wait til hes a little older--more fur! Maybe next summer you can shave him! :-)

  3. i am enjoying it, just doubt myself at times, i think that is normal in life. he is a great dog and i could not have asked for better, i think that is my problem i was starting to treat him like my pet more than the working dog he is...i am finding the balance before i get heart broken!