Thursday, April 22, 2010

eden blowing bubbles for tandy, she likes to watch him chomp at them!

Tandy sitting pretty in the yard, we are working on giving him boundries out there, so that he does not ruin our gardens and eat things he should not. It will take time!

Tandy sleeping in his crate, we moved it from the kitchen to the living room now that he is older he uses it more now that he can see all of the main floor from it!!

Tandy having a play date with a new friend! Odie, my friend just got him from the humane society, he is sweet and even looks like one of Tandy's relatives, but he is short and curly, Tandy wanted to play so bad and tried to provoke him so much, it was great to watch, Odie was way to sophisticated for Tandy's shenanigans!

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