Saturday, May 1, 2010

We have had Tandy for four months now, the training is going well, just trying to get him out more often in the community. I went a away for three days and was told that "Tandy missed me" by the family! He was very excited when i got home, and seemed to need some nice long walks with his pack leader!!

This week Tandy has visited the library, the hardware store, the mall, the grocery store, a local craft sale, our weekly sports program! He is getting easier to take out, always ready to focus when wearing his coat. One reason we wanted to do this project was to meet our community more, and going out with Tandy has really allowed that to happen, we can't go in any public space without chatting and talking to nice animal loving people. I have noticed that people generally love dogs, they are very open to service dogs and so excited to pet Tandy or talk about how great he his! I as well have turned into one of those "dog people" always talking about my dog and his habits and health!! Its like having a baby again!


  1. He's really growing up!
    Sounds like he's getting a bunch of socialization.

  2. He is such a cutie! Yep my service dogs seriously helped me get over my shyness!!