Friday, April 16, 2010

Around town tonight!

Took Tandy for a nice walk to uptown, to the "mall". Lots of places there to explore and practice training commands with him. The walk outside was extremely windy and he was a bit jittery, never really seen him act like that before, but i could not stop laughing. There was a running group at one point behind us and he turned around to look at what he heard and then started to bolt thinking he was being chased!! In the drugstore they were going nuts over him and even had dog treats for him behind the counter! Lucky day for service dog! He did some stays, come and heel and mastered them quite well. We saw people we know and talked to some we don't. On the way home i treated myself to gelato and tied him to my waste while i walked home eating it and Tandy stayed by my side! We went in drugstore, grocery store, clothing store, gelato place, and of course the mall halls (or whatever they are called!) Now he is tired and sleeping by my feet like a good puppy does!

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