Monday, April 12, 2010

Reminiscing already!

We had our biweekly puppy class again today, its weird only going every other week. But today we stopped at NSD for food pick up and so that Tawny and Tandy could run around the dog park together, i love when animals get to be let loose! Ha! They had a blast then on the way out one of the new V litter puppies (valentine to be precise!) came outside and we got to hug and kiss her like crazy! Oh my god, we forgot how cute and tiny they start out, they are so irresistible at that stage!! Eden was going nuts on her. Then at class there was a bunch of them in training already!! Haha, they were so adorable doing their sits come commands....its so amazing how quick they learn and how smart they really are.

Tandy did great tonight, or so i thought anyway! He made me proud and made me think at how far i have come and how neat this whole project has been so far, i am so glad we are doing this, the kids are having a blast and i am too!

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