Friday, August 6, 2010

Camping puppy!

Tandy came camping with us this week, first time i have ever camped with a dog and first time he has ever camped! He had a blast on the beach, swimming and digging. My friend brought her retriever as well Daisy, who was not interested in Tandy at all but he kept trying to play with her. Unfortunately Tandy developed some "hot spots" and a bit of a sore ear while there, he is now on antibiotics and looks rather worn out. I think he might just sleep the next couple of days to recover from all the fun he had. I had bought him a tent to sleep in, to replace his crate but he was not too happy in there so he ended up in our tent, sleeping beside the kids. Made for a more relaxing sleep for both him and i sleeping together keeping an eye out for one another.

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