Saturday, July 31, 2010

I was really curious when we started this journey how the kids would react to having a dog in the house. Its been amazing watching them with Tandy, learning with him as he grows. He is a companion to them now, my oldest (9) reads on the couch and with a foot or hand draping over the edge pets and caresses Tandy as he reads. My youngest (almost 7) goes to Tandy when she is sad or upset using him as a pillow or a friend to talk to. He fits in here, aiding us all with constant companionship, like dogs do. This is new to our animal less family. Okay we had rats and a guinea pig and an aquarium, but not the same as a 70lb mammal who can warm your feet, be a pillow, a friend to talk to, cure boredom and make walking enjoyable. This journey has brought more to our lives then anything we have ever done as a family. These next few months left with him are going to be interesting and fulfilling as ever, and who knows maybe we will do it again..?

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  1. Ah yes there is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog. :)
    Though I do have to warn you, get another puppy and you can't stop! This journey of seeing people's lives changed by something you assisted in is addicting! :)

    Erin and Guide Pup Pompei