Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nutty puppy!

We woke up today and Tandy was jumping through the roof! Literally, jumped on to the couch and tried jumping like a kid on a trampoline! I took him out to "hurry hurry" and he was spinning around in circles trying to dart off the leash. So we packed him up and took him to the dog park to release some energy! Boy did that work, i vowed not to leave until he was more tired than tired. Luckily he found another retriever to go nuts with and some other labs, funny how all the retrievers stuck together! We tried to get him in the car after but he just plopped down on the ground under the car refusing to move, i had to lift his 71lb body into the car! Crazy pup!

Yesterday after walking to the library in the smoggy heat he just crashed on the floor like a big baby and let all the toddlers mall him to pieces! So funny to watch toddler yelling "doggie" across the room and coming for him patting him. Just what he has to get used to.

The kids and i are going camping next week so we will have more room in the car with out Papa so we are going to take him, we bought him a one person tent to sleep in! Haha..should be interesting!


  1. 71 lbs! I'm not even going to recognize him by the time the next puppy class rolls around!

    I predict at least one of your kids ends up in the 1 person tent with him :-)