Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot days!

There has been a heat wave around here the last few days, Tandy has been choosing to lay around and do nothing, i go out to garden and let him out with me but he goes right back in after a couple minutes! Today we went for a nice walk to the library, we hung out there for a while, Tandy fell asleep at the library in the middle of the place, everyone had to go around him. I offered to move him but they did not want me to. We met lots of people and babies today, all who loved Tandy. It was nice to just hang out in air conditioning and meet new people. I think he enjoyed the air conditioning!! He didn't even flinch as he lay there and babies run around and by him, even stopping to touch him! I like being able to bring him out with us, its a fun adventure every time.

We are taking Tandy to the vet on Thursday to be neutered. I have never done this, i guess we drop him off and pick him up later. I am worried for him! I know he will be fine, all dogs get it done. Any of you dog owners have tips for me for when i bring him home?

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