Thursday, January 28, 2010

We are not alone..

I can't believe how many different puppy raising programs there are out there, i never thought about it until i started this blog. Getting comments from other raisers has led me to find tons of other puppy raising blogs, its amazing to think of all the dogs that are trained each year to help so many people with so many different issues. Its so fun to read and see what they all do different. While our pup has one set of "rules", like no jumping up other service dogs are trained to jump up to get things for their owners who might not be able to reach there themselves. That is one example, i am sure there are more and it is so cool to read and think about. I love that dogs are smart and helpful and that i get to be part of this learning process with a puppy.

In fact yesterday i took Tandy to the drugstore again, i think this was his 3rd or 4th time and he did exceptionally well (okay i keep saying this!) but seriously, he actually stayed down while i walked a way a bit and walked a heel beside me in the cramped isles, even with all the people there, (note to self, 6pm is busy in the drugstore!). Anyway, i felt like such and accomplished puppy raiser, one guy even asked me "Do you train dogs?" I told him i am raising the puppy, but it made me think, maybe i could be a dog trainer some day! Hahaha, oh god, if you ever knew me before Tandy you will be laughing your ass off right now!!

In Monday's class they told us we can now go to the mall, or in the grocery store for a few minutes (not buy anything with him yet!) So i think when i go to the mall i will get my son to take a few photos so we can remember those moments, Tandy still smallish in his purple puppy coat!

(the picture above has nothing to do with the blog entry, but i like to have a photo everyday of him!)

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  1. LOL I too dislike posting without a photo! He's adorable!!