Saturday, January 30, 2010

Living the working life..

On friday we took Tandy to our weekly Mom to Mom group, as we will every Friday. He is to sit by my feet and be ignored by the kids, learning his life as a working dog. I like him in his little coat!

Tandy is starting to look like a man dog now! I think i can actually see him grow! He sure likes to cuddle. Last night the kids were gone for the night and Thomas and I had the whole house and dog to ourselves. Tandy is so calm and relaxed when the kids are gone/in bed. Lets just say he got lots of attention and when we came home at two am from dancing we let him out and wore him out a bit so we could sleep in! We are learning the tricks of owning a puppy and figuring out how to acquire sleep and quiet time with him safe in his crate.

Today we went as a family to zellers, while one adult took care of the shopping the other handled Tandy and made sure he did his down and sit and stay commands in the store. Luckily no one stopped us, though we do get a ton of looks and wide eyed amazement from people and of course people in the distance are always "oohing and ahhing!" Other then a difficult walk with him fighting me for some reason today and getting all weird and frisky he is doing great and listening well.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! I can't believe how big he is now! You sure are doing a great job with him..and I'm loving the read. Keep up the good work...fabulous!