Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tandy walker!!

Today was a big day for Tandy! Not only did he get to play with lots of kids and adults at a homeschooling play group, today Tandy and I accomplished our first walk!! It was so amazing, he walked beside me on a loose leash all the way up my street down the next and back up to our home! Ever since i knew we were getting him i wanted to walk him, and when i tried it was too crazy with him running on the leash pulling and choking himself, ending up in a stressful ending at home! So this means the kids and i can do more with him now, walks on the path, we can start our weekly trips out to the stores etc, as he can focus and sit when told in different settings!! I can't believe we have done these things in two weeks! I love it, it is rewarding. Of course it helps to have a great tempered, sweet dog like Tandy!

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