Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Magic boots!

Today as i glanced over the couch into the kitchen where Tandy spends a lot of his time, i see my boots on the back door mat slowly moving toward the couch, it was the funniest thing i have seen, i could not see the dog dragging it away to his crate so it looked like some stop motion animation happening in real time! Ha!!

We did great together at training class last night, 30 minutes goes very fast and is actually exhausting for the both of us! We drove another NSD puppy raiser and Tandy's sister Tawny, they were able to play in the back all the way! She is so cute, i forgot my camera but will catch a picture next week for sure! We have lots to practice til next week, i am so determined to teach him all these things just as they tell me, even though some of hte force i was showed to use shocked me for such a young puppy.

He is leashed to me right now as i type!!

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