Monday, January 4, 2010

Puppy mania!

We had our first puppy training class today. We met all of Tandy's brothers and sisters, oh my god they are all adorable! All T names, tootsie, tonka, tali, and more. So cute!! They were allowed to great each other once right away and now after today they will no longer be allowed to. We practiced sitting, laying down, walking on leash and focusing! It was very difficult for both Tandy and i with so many distractions, plus our car broke down just as we got there so it was hard to concentrate! I have a lot of practicing to do with Tandy, getting him to practice all those things in different settings to get used to doing things with distractions around! I am taking deep breaths and trying to remember i have only had him for a week! We have a long way to go and i am sure with time and patience we can both accomplish these tasks!!

Here is a picture of him all tuckered out from class, he always goes to my boots to sleep!!

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