Thursday, January 7, 2010

Puppy lessons!

Things this puppy have taught or reminded me:

♥early mornings are crisp and quiet and should be enjoyed by all
♥stuff is just stuff and if it is being chewed on there is always more stuff on kijiji!
♥be patient, great things happen over time
♥never to give up
♥naps are essential
♥its okay to be new to things, learning happens throughout life
♥bordem seriously needs to be dealt with!
♥winter is a good time to outdoors every hour or so
♥we have enough love for everyone/thing in our lives if not more..
♥the best toys are boxes (why why why??)
♥sleep is not constant, and can be interrupted at any moment, hence the point above re:naps!
♥food is a great motivator

Tandy is keeping me on my toes, overcoming his shy new to my home puppy phase, he tests me with growls, barks, nips, chews etc. He shows me love and gets lots of it. He is a great cuddler and fun to massage (he smiles!). Learning new things everyday, and i will be excited when he can walk on a leash beside me without barging on ahead choking himself with his collar!

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