Monday, January 25, 2010

Puppy madness!

These last few days have been pretty rough with puppy around here. It could be the fact that it is winter and we are couped up or life with a puppy is not settling in as well as we thought. Either way we love Tandy and he amazes us, even if he insists on chewing through our walls or biting my youngest child all the time. My daughter is having a rough time with the puppy actually, she is jealous of him, like a new sibling taking her time away from me i guess, plus she has this nutty excitable energy that makes Tandy want to chew her up to bits! Its difficult at times dealing with the two of them! But this too shall pass quickly and we will have learned from it in the end. I didn't just want to report the nice cute stuff, i want to remember it all in the end.

On another note we are trying to frequent the public areas more, we had another attempt at the drugstore, it is so close to our house and we can walk there with Tandy and make him tired on the way! We also brought him to our mom to mom group where the kids and adults were really good at ignoring the cute puppy under the table and he was able to sleep for most of it! He is a bright little guy, and was born to work!

(in this picture tandy is focusing on me while learning to ignore the treat in my hand, and doing very well at it!!)


  1. He's such a cute little guy! There are definitely hard times in puppy raising, with or without children. Keep up the good work though and things will get easier, he's still really young :-D Love your blog!

  2. Thanks! He is really young, and amazing and i am a bit up tight!! Haha, glad you like this, i had not thought of the idea of people other then my family reading this!