Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Play date!

Tandy had a play date yesterday with my aunt's dog Hopi! It sure was a new learning experience for me in dog behavior and such. While dogs bark and growl and hoot while hanging out, their tails were a waggin' and a good time was had by both i think! It was very difficult for my son to capture a good picture of both dogs at once!

And while yesterday i was sad and unsure of my daughters relationship with the puppy, today i go to the kitchen and discover the picture here. She was telling Tandy "You are a good boy and i am a sick girl", (she has not been feeling so well lately) and she was petting him and kissing him! So another lesson for me, that i should remember always, just when things seem like they are not working out and i feel inadequate at this, they turn around for the better and we are one step ahead!

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