Friday, January 1, 2010

New year, new puppy!

We had a little new year's party last night, Tandy was the star of the show. I was a little worried about having people over with a new puppy and while it was hard and tiresome for me, Tandy handled it like the trooper he is and will become. You want a dog to be socialized, well i am pretty sure we are the right folks to do it! This puppy is so sweet and calm it amazes me, no signs of stress or being scared at all around these people last night. At one point i put him up in the crate in the bedroom to give him a break from everyone, but i think that was more traumatic then being around us all, when i went back for him he had pooped in his crate and was all messy!! Luckily i had friends to help me and show me how to bathe a dog! My sister in law saved the day and together we showered Tandy and freshened him up for the party! He didn't even seem to mind, at first the water was startling to him but after a while he seemed to enjoy it, he was not however so fond of the hair dryer! (I wish i got photos of it all, but i was kinda busy!)

Today i tried some of the training techniques with him, the first was the sit command, while you don't actually say sit yet you use food to guide his nose up which then makes him sit and be rewarded for it. He was great, did it everytime and was calm and gentle with me the entire time! I am really enjoying all this stuff (well not the house training!) and if i wasn't so damn tired from being woken up so much at night i think i would be a lot better at it. I also tried the command where i call him to me while on the leash to teach him to respond to his name and come when called for, again did it perfectly, like he was born to listen! He is going to be an amazing helper and it just amazes me to think of the things he will eventually accomplish!

So while tired and a bit grumpy due to a lack of sleep the new year has proven to be an adventure of learning and training with a beautiful puppy we call Tandy!

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