Thursday, December 31, 2009

A dog person? Me?

I used to be known to say things like, "animals belong in the wild" and "i don't understand pets!". I think i am changing. Its been three days since this creature has entered our home and already i feel different about animals, for one thing I can go near this dog's mouth, and i can handle jumping and nipping, i get it now, and while i know this is just the beginning i think this project is working for my dog fear, not just this little pup but the way i am around other dogs i have seen. On top of that I dream of dogs, when i lay around and stare i see dog images in my mind, i see dogs in the patterns of my sheets, i search the internet for dog tips, i talk to my friend on the phone for hours about dogs and dog raising! Who would have thought? HA!

The children however are another issue, Eden is getting better, i have explained to her that the dog does not deserve her attention if he is not being calm and submissive (thanks Cesar!) until she realized that she would speak to Tandy in a squeaky excitable voice wanting puppy love only to receive puppy nips! He see's her as his litter mate and wants to roll around nipping and yapping with her. Kale has yet to understand some things too, he is trying, afraid Tandy will bite off his toes we are slowly showing him to be calm and relaxed while Tandy smells him. Both kids enjoy calling Tandy and having him come to them and throwing his toys to him. Also both kids and dog enjoy running and frolicking in the snow together, its a great site and makes my heart warm to think of how this project is affecting all of our lives. Thomas is the silent dog whisperer himself and as he does to us, enjoys massaging and interacting with Tandy.

Tandy now his license, while leaving for the humane society to get it Eden responded "I didn'tknow dogs could drive!"

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  1. Oh that's so awesome!! I felt the same way about the dog was a foreign place until we entered it too. There was a point when Steve and I looked at each other and said...'we're dog people!' Haha! And we thought we were happy before Hopi but he has brought such joy, love and laughter, day after day! ENJOY!! Oh and Hopi whined when he saw Tandy in the video and tried to lick the computer screen!