Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tandy, tandy the night time dog..

Well, its 6am and i have decided this is a great time to get up! Ha! Considering all that Tandy had been through the day before i think he handled last night like a trooper! Slept in his crate for many hours before howling like a wolf, i took him out at 2:15 to pee and then back in his crate, he cried like the big baby he is in there and i decided to sleep in my bed while he did so. The information booklet we received with him said not to baby him and let him cry, that it will only last 10-15 mins!!! Let me say 5 mins seemed like an eternity!! But it worked he settled down and i was able to sleep too!! Whew! That was difficult, with all the nurturing bones in my body; but as Cesar says he is not a human he is a dog! So the next time he whined like crazy it was 6 am and i thought it is technically morning, there are people in this world that get up that early so when he settled and sat nicely in the cage with me outside i opened it up and took him out, now i get to enjoy some alone play time with this frisky ball of fur. Me and Tandy alone in the quiet morning of our home, getting to know each other!

...Oh wait, he just crapped in my kitchen...!

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