Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sponser Tandy!

This is the third day Tandy is in our home, he is doing least i think i don't know a lot about puppies!! Last night he slept in his crate from 11-6:45 this morning, only cried for like a minute! We must have worn him out yesterday, we had a lot of family here to visit him and the kids and i ran around the yard with him. The only thing that is not going so great, that i am personally having a hard time with is his elimination procedure! I take him out and he does not go! I bring him in and ten mins later he goes on my floor! I don't get it, i will have to read up and maybe call the NSD for advice! I am sure it is normal for a brand new puppy, we are all learning here. I guess that is the whole idea of this project after all for us all to learn and enjoy eachother.

I have entitled this entry sponsor Tandy because at the NSD they have a fundraiser when the puppies are born, they like to raise $1000 per puppy to pay for the costs that they endure during their time with NSD, the money pays for vet bills etc, as you can imagine this organization helps so many children and requires donations from people in order for it to continue to help children. If you would like to donate money in Tandy's name you can contact the NSD and mention his name and donate, it is a tax-deductible donation. There is a link below to their website page where you can donate online, but Tandy's name is not there, you may be able to mention it when you put your info in!!

Call or email NSD to donate:
Danielle Forbes

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  1. Loving the blog! The whole potty training thing is frustrating and it takes these guys a few days to realize this is their family. The pp thing drove me a little crazy in the beginning cuz you don't know how long it will take but hang in there...just like a kid they suddenly catch on and then you give them tons of praise!