Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just another day.

Not much new or exciting going on around here lately. Tandy has been visiting a lot of different puppy sitters as we have been camping a lot. He has been doing great at the sitters and they all tell me how wonderful Tandy is, of course we know that but it is good to know he is well behaved and awesome for others as well.

So another heat wave is here, and Tandy has been relaxing under the fan not asking for much. Walks are minimal as it is so damn hot, we wait til the evenings and even then he walks so slow taking care not to over heat, poor furry guy.

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  1. Ugh its been hot here too! My mom is looking for a petsitter for me! She is going to have to leave me alone for a while on a few days each week now and doesnt want me to be alone!

    Licks of Love,