Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cottage pup!

This past week we took the family, including Tandy to Tobermory to the cottage. We had to pack a bit lighter to fit him in the back, but it worked out and we made it there. He did really well in the car with the little space that he had, we stopped a couple times and ran around with the kids. When we pulled up to the cottage and got out i had planned that i would open the back of the car and let Tandy go and see what happens! We are new to this leash free stuff, learning to trust him more and more off of it. The cottage is surrounded by trees and land so when i opened the door after the 4hour drive he jumped out and sat by my feet, looking at me, i told him to go ahead and pointed around, he darted off and ran around in circles like the crazy puppy he is! It felt so good to watch him be free after being so cramped up in the back!

We could not bring his crate with us so i was a little worried about night time, but we brought his blanket and he slept on the floor between the kids bunk beds and did great.

The other thing i was so excited for to watch him do was swim and boy did he swim! We brought and aqua kong and threw it in the water, he ran right in and swam like a pro got the kong and brought it back to us and dropped it at our feet! It was so awesome, he is a real Retriever!! Ha! He swam and wandered and swam and wandered, running through the forests and on the rocks of Tobermory, he was the happiest dog i have ever seen (i have not seen or watched many dogs!) It really made me love him and love having a dog around to play with and explore with...i never thought they could be so fun.

We took him into town with us as well, we went to a museum and a restaurant and the grocery store. Mainly because we did not want to leave him alone at the cottage and also because, well, we can! That is the benefit of a service puppy i guess.

Now we are home, all are tired, including Tandy who spent all day at home today sleeping after a tiring and exciting week of freedom and do i love summer time with a dog!

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  1. Ah, the joys of summer! I don't think it's possible for Tandy to be happier than he was in those pictures!