Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We had puppy class in the mall tonight, there is a bit of a showcase going on there in the arena at the mall. NSD was hosting a Dog and pony show for special kids, trying to raise awareness of autism and of course NSD. It was busy, lots going on, tons of NSD dogs of all levels, and our class was led through a mic so that the mall could hear and see! Of course Tandy did great and was applauded later by an observer saying that he was "one of the better trained dogs". The thing is, they all are trained well, some dogs have off days just like we humans do. But i thought Tandy was amazing too!

Now he is laying on the floor passed out after a busy day of outings. This morning the kids and i walked uptown again with him, stopping in the bank, the gelato store, the dress store, the book store, the library, the park with the "zoo" and then home for a bit and out to class! Busy day, but nothing Tandy can't handle, he lives for it and makes me proud every second! ♥

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