Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The "visit"

We learned a new command at puppy class last night! Finally! I wondered if we were going to learn anything else, Tandy has pretty well mastered the sit, stay, come, heel commands. The visit is when he lays his chin on my leg while sitting. When he gets it totally i will be able to tell him to "visit" people and he will go an lay his chin on their laps! So cute to watch, i love teaching him new things because he learns so quickly and it is so satisfying to watch him learn! At first he was trying all the commands he knows trying to please me, so funny to watch him, sit and focus, lay down, sit, move to my left! Haha, when all i wanted was for him to put his chin on me! He sure did pick it up quickly, with more practice he will be a genius at it!!

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