Monday, March 22, 2010

Puppy dayz!

Things are calming down around here lately with a puppy. Tandy will be 5months old this month and has begun to loose teeth! We have found two so far, or pieces of some anyway. He has about four gaps in his mouth! He is getting bigger everyday almost as tall as my youngest child! We still continue to go to puppy class every week, and in a few weeks we will continue to go every other week, that will be nice as i am getting tired of the drive and he seems to need it less and less as he learns so quickly and is competent at most things. During the days at home he is so good and content, he knows what toys are his and finds them everywhere, he has free roam of the house and treats it with respect. Its amazing what he has figured out in three months here with us. He never chews on anything that is not his toy, but he does however eat things laying around if we are unaware, like paper and pens and things! Haha!! But overall he can be trusted to be alone downstairs (mainfloor) while we do things up or down in the home. He loves his walks and with this awesome spring weather we have been going out a lot, on the path and to the park and library. Its handy to be able to incorporate him into our daily routines, like going to the library and such, we just walk there now to make him tired and to enjoy the fresh air, then when we get to the library he is very well behaved and ready to nap! I think we will take him on a trip soon to the cottage in Tobermory, see if he likes the water, maybe he will swim!! Last week he even went to a movie with us!

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