Thursday, March 4, 2010

Out and about with Tandy!

Today was an awesome sunny day with a hint of spring in the air! So nice and exciting, one of those days you want to go outside and kick your heels up! I have been noticing lately Tandy sitting by the back door watching the birds in the sunshine! So today we leashed him up and strolled our way uptown to the library, stopping at a fancy pet store, cutting through the mall, going to a children's clothing store and a gourmet food store! Great walk indeed. At our last puppy class we got a pack leader leash for Tandy that goes on his face so that he does not want to pull, he had been pulling a bit too much for my arms and hands when we go to public places, so today we tried this and he did great, shows him who's boss that is for sure! Ha! I have to keep him focused though, otherwise he tries to rub it off! In an hour i will go pick up his sister and they will have a puppy play date, i will blog about that later!
(i had wanted a picture of him at the library but totally forgot, between two kids asking for help finding books and a ton of toddler running yelling "doggie", i had my hands full!)

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