Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just another ordinary day

We have been enjoying some nice sunny days around here lately! Getting outside lots and dreaming of spring time with a puppy! He is gonna love it, though i am having visions of a dirty dog for a while!

Just when we thought Tandy was better and all done his meds he started up again!! Ugh! He is now on a two week dose of something or other..doing well now and hoping this is the end of it for him! What an ordeal. I don't want to see anymore doggie diarrhea! I think all the trips to the vet have inspired the kids, they have been playing vet with Tandy who is a great sport about it, they take their flash light and camera and take pictures and inspect his mouth, his paws even his bum! They take fur specimens and maybe even saliva and look at it under the microscope! I guess this project really is turning out to be a learning adventure for them!

On another note Tandy is getting his share of pubic socialization. We took him to a venders market in TO and even ate in the food court with him, that was a neat experience! Then he experienced his first sports game, Roller Derby!! Seeing as I play derby this is going to be the "derby dog", he will get his fair share of derby games while living with us, my teammates have even spoken of making him our mascot! Ha! He did great, pretty much sleeping through the whole game, i think the market did him in, there was lots of music and people and stuff and food on the floors, so much stimulation. We also encountered our first "no you can't have that dog in here" moment. The security guard tried to tell us there were no dogs allowed, we then spoke up letting him know that this is a service dog in training and that actually he is allowed. The security guard then went to pet Tandy and i said sorry you cannot do that he is working right now! Just to stick it to him, then the market "manager" came up to us and the guard was trying to tell him we couldn't have the dog and the manager was like "oh he is a service dog, that is fine!" DUH! All in all it was a fun learning experience again (i say this a lot!)

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  1. Maybe you'll have a vet in the family someday! Neat! Can Eden come and brush Hopi's teeth?