Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big News!!!

Today the national service dogs emailed us back to let us know a puppy will be ready to come home with us on December 18th! It has all happened so fast, we sent in an email requesting more information a couple of weeks ago and now we are preparing our house for PROJECT PUPPY! The kids and i are calling this our project, we are raising a puppy for someone else and learning all about dogs. What a grand project it will be. We are actually going to bring home a male puppy on December 28th, whose name shall soon be determined, we know it will start with T. We were hoping to wait till after the holidays to start our project so they have agreed to keep the puppy there for a little longer. We are all giddy with excitement for PROJECT PUPPY. This blog has been created to share our story and as our own little keepsake on raising him! Stay tuned for pictures, trials and tribulations and the joys of PROJECT PUPPY.

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